Who Is Metrix?

Metrix Coaching and Training was founded by top performing real estate agents, Brian Gubernick, and Jason Abrams.  Our company delivers coaching services that provide tangible, specific, and objective results. Whether the Metrix model of coaching is successful or not is not based on emotion or hope. Rather, Metrix clients know if they are winning as their respective scoreboards tell them so!

Brian Gubernick

In 2007, Brian launched his real estate sales career in joining Keller Williams Realty and founded his team, Homehelper Consultants (HhC). From its inception, HhC experienced a great deal of success, specializing in assisting homeowners in financial distress. From 2009 to 2011, Brian was ranked #1 in the Office, top 10 in Keller Williams’ Southwest Region, and top 100 in the nation. HhC expanded to Bellevue, WA in April 2011, Portland, Oregon, Oakland County, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013.

Homehelper Consultants is one of Keller Williams Realty’s top producing teams in the world and was a 2017 finalist for Inman’s Innovator of the Year Award. Most recently HhC ranked #13 on the 2018 -2019 Phoenix Business Journal’s list of Residential Real Estate Teams.

Jason Abrams

Jason Abrams has been called the “Jerry Maguire of Real Estate” by the New York Times! He has assisted more professional athletes in their relocation than anyone in the country. He sold homes on three continents in 2018; he listed and sold a prominent movie director’s estate in London, a top rated DJ in Hollywood Hills’ mansion, and a Fortune 100 CEO’s beach home in the Hamptons.

Jason has taken on the roles of teacher, guest lecturer, non-profit executive board member, HGTV host of Scoring The Deal, real estate coach and consultant, and advocate. Jason is passionate about and committed to reshaping the residential real estate business and communities nationwide.