Who Is Metrix?

Metrix Coaching and Training was founded by top performing real estate agent Brian Gubernick. Our company delivers coaching services that provide tangible, specific, and objective results. Whether the Metrix model of coaching is successful or not is not based on emotion or hope. Rather, Metrix clients know if they are winning as their respective scoreboards tell them so!

Brian Gubernick

Brian began his real estate sales career in 2007 with Keller Williams Realty in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brian launched his team, Homehelper Consultants (HhC), that same year, and the team focused on assisting homeowners in financial distress. HhC soon become one of Keller Williams' top real estate teams in the nation, landing Brian in Gary Keller's private mastermind group where he still sits today. In 2011, Brian brought his real estate team to Bellevue, WA, and in doing so was responsible for launching the Keller Williams real estate team expansion movement. From WA, HhC expanded to Portland, OR, Southern California, Michigan, Las Vegas, NV, and throughout Arizona. Brian was the recipient of the Keller Williams' Innovator Award in 2014 and was a runner up for Inman News' 2017 Most Innovative Team award. Brian and team land on the Wall Street Journal/Real Trends production list each year, and the company has sold over $1B in residential properties to date.

In 2017, Brian and his partners launched Metrix Coaching and Training.  The company has coached hundreds of real estate team owners and investors over the past few years as well as facilitated classes and other educational opportunities for tens of thousands of agents across North America.  In addition to Metrix and HhC, Brian is an owner in several other real estate related businesses, including brokerage, property management, title/escrow, residential investment, and consulting services.