Why Interpersonal Skills are Important in Leadership

Published: September 24, 2018

We all can agree that technology, the way we do business, the transferring of information and data, and pretty much everything else is changing constantly. With these constant changes, comes constant adjustment and adaptation. When change happens in our lives or businesses, we must adapt – or we will be left behind. A somewhat recent and big change in the business world is the shift in leadership skills – from hard skills to soft skills.

The business world and workplace have evolved dramatically over the last decade. Subsequently, causing (or rather, forcing) leaders to evolve as well. Leaders are no longer appointed or respected primarily because of their “business” skills (hard). In fact, the skills that have become more important are “interpersonal” skills (soft).

Those with strong interpersonal skills often times are more successful than those who lack them. Let’s take a deeper dive into some key interpersonal skills that you, as a leader, should adopt.


Embracing the trait of ‘self-awareness’ can be one of the most powerful and impactful things you can do for any relationship. In business, this trait is highly respected. To be self-aware is to be vulnerable, truthful, and conscious. As a self-aware leader, your vision looks beyond your success and even your organization’s success. Your vision lands on the impact YOU will have on the entire company – and sometimes on society as a whole.


Be sure that you are creating an environment built on honesty, fairness, and solid relationships. Whether positive or negative, integrity in a business flows from the top, down. As a leader, it is vital to maintain integrity in every facet of your business or organization. Your ability to be integrous in all situations will inspire those on your team to adopt this same level of integrity.


Do you feel like every business article you read tells you that your ‘success depends on the effectiveness of your communication’? Well, they are not wrong. It’s true. Communication is not just the words you speak. It is also the words you write and the words you don’t write (body language). Communication is pretty much the foundation of every relationship – business and personal. Begin listening to WHAT you say to your team, HOW you say it, and how others react. Doing this will allow you to better understand your effectiveness as a leader.

Bonus: Not only will these skills help you in your business, but also in your personal life. Have you ever heard the phrase “how you do one thing is how you do everything?” While adopting these interpersonal skills into your leadership/business role, it is highly likely that you will begin using them within your personal relationships. We hope that you begin improving upon these skills and continue to make a positive impact on the world.




It’s crazy to think that it was only about 2 decades ago that Buyer Agency was introduced.  The real estate sales “team” concept only took shape 15 or so years ago. And today, we view “teams” as so much more than just a group of Realtors that work together in the same office!  Now are sales teams emulate many of today’s other traditional businesses – in structure and organizational charts, in revenue and cash flow, and in the skill sets required of those that drive the team to success.  Becoming a true LEADER is mandatory if you intend to run a highly successful and profitable sales business. How does one become a better real estate sales team leader? Study those that have come before you, and look to other industries and/or areas of life for guidance.  It is no longer about selling the next home. It is about developing the next great person, communicating your vision, and holding your peers accountable to their results.

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