When in Doubt, Persevere

Published: March 26, 2019

As the first quarter of the new year quickly comes to a close, you may be taking a look back on the last few months and reviewing your 2019 goals. You may be satisfied with the upward progress you have made. You may have set targets that you wanted to hit, but fell short in hitting them right away, and now you are now feeling overtaken by temporary defeat. This is normal; you are human!

As an entrepreneur, you will experience all of the above on the path to success. In fact, like anyone working towards success you will, without a doubt, face resistance, ridicule, fatigue, failure, and more. Don’t let this scare you. Rather, let this empower you, knowing that everyone, before you and after you, will also endure these challenges.

Many profound figures and leaders are true testaments of perseverance. History was, and is, not made because our leaders gave up, but because they kept going. If J.K. Rowling gave up after the 11th publisher rejected her manuscript, we would have never met Harry Potter. If Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t stand up for what he believed in because it was uncomfortable, we might still live in a society of racial inequality.

Oftentimes, it’s perseverance that takes you further than talent. Unfortunately, lack of ability or skill keeps most people from taking the first step towards their goals. However, skills can be learned and qualities can be attained. In fact, it is likely that you will gain and refine the skills you need just by taking action — so take that first step! Napoleon Hill says it best, ‘action is the real measure of intelligence’.

The training, learning and growth that you are going through may be tough. It may be painful. It may be pushing you to your edge. It might even make you want to throw in the towel. It is in the hardest, and ugliest, of times that it seems easier to give up than to push through the pain, suffering, and sweat. However, this is just a test — a test to see if you can push through to reach your goal.

It is usually immediately after that absolute toughest, most painful point that you uncover exactly what it is you are striving for. It is likely that you have read or heard the story ‘Three Feet from Gold” — this is the ultimate example of perseverance! Within this story, you learn that every defeat or adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent, or greater, benefit. Perseverance is vital to success — keep pushing, keep going, you’ve got this!


As we are nearing the end of the Q1, let’s take a moment to assess where we stand relative to the plan and/or goals we likely outlined leading into this year.  Where do you stand? Are you on point? Are you ahead? Are you behind? No matter the answer, let’s revise our plans accordingly.

If you’re behind, you may want to consider implementing a version of the “15th Protocol”, made popular by my real estate buddy, Abe Shreve.  The 15th Protocol is a strategy of having preset actions that will immediately go into effect on the 15th of the month if you’re not at least 1/2 of your goal. Now, using the mid month “15th” reference does not really apply to annual goals (it was designed for monthly goals).  But the same principles apply here.

The most productive businesses make real-time adjustments in their activities while there is enough time in the month (or in this case, the year) to positively affect the outcome. The clearer and the more specific we are regarding what we’ll do when the time comes, the more likely we are to make the proper corrections that will get the organization back into alignment with the main key metrics.

So what preset actions are you willing to put in place?  Double your number of dials each day until you are back on pace?  Increase the number of open houses you will hold each week? Increase the frequency of follow up “touches” that lead to direct contact with new leads?  

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