Time: From End to Beginning

Published: October 6, 2020

Back in September we talked around how to more efficiently manage your time when it comes to running your business. While it is vital to have a strong time management structure in place for business, I believe that it is just as, if not more, important to have this dialed in for your personal life!

In a Ted Talk that Jay Papasan hosted, he mentions that time is our most precious asset and sometimes we feel like we don’t even know how we are actually using it, however when we make conscious decisions and choices, we can better utilize our time. He then shared a different framework around how to view time and outlined how to become more purposeful about time. 

Rather than looking at time from beginning to end, Jay suggests to look at it from end to beginning, or present day. By flipping your perspective, you can outline how to more effectively and efficiently spend your time.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this idea….

Whether we like it or not, everything in our lives has an expiration date. However, when you become more conscious and purposeful about what you want and how you spend your time, you can achieve a much higher level of success. Furthermore, you will experience a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

If you have had the chance to attend our two-day Metrix Mega Agent Business Intensive, then you probably remember us talking around the concept of time. We run through an exercise where we outline how many _____  you have left in life — how many winters you have left, how many football seasons, summer vacations, Taco Tuesdays, etc. 

I am an avid Arizona Cardinals fan and look forward to attending the home games each year! Furthermore, I look forward to bringing my wife and daughters to some of the games with me and sharing the game day experiences with them. In working through this time exercise, I would discover that I only have 12 Cardinals seasons left before my girls are off to college and may not be home to go to any games with me. By knowing this, I am committed to putting in more effort to make these next 12 seasons a special experience for them and really cherish that time we get to spend together!

I encourage you to watch Jay’s Ted Talk and work through this time exercise. By doing so, you will begin to change the way you think about these events, how you cherish them, and, really, what truly matters to you.

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