The Promise Script

Published: February 10, 2020

When it comes to building trust with and generating more referral business from existing clients, it is important to learn and effectively deliver the ‘Promise Script’. The Promise Script is a powerful tool that we teach our clients to use within their respective businesses. This simple, yet powerful script, is designed to build trust between agents and clients, as well as drive clients to send referral business.

The Promise Script is delivered right after your client signs the buyer’s agency agreement or the listing contract. Once completed, ask your client permission to make a promise to them. You may say something along the lines of, “I would like to talk to you about our company’s ‘promise’, would that be OK?” Once your client agrees to hear you out, you will proceed with the remainder of the Script.

In the next portion, you want to reiterate the excellent, top-notch service that you are committed to providing the client at all times — from the moment he or she signs the buyer’s agency agreement or listing contract all the way until they close. Promise your client that you will do everything you can to make his or her home-buying, or selling, experience a 10/10. After delivering this, your clients should feel 100% confident that you are the right person for the job!

The following portion of the Script actually falls on the client. After making the above promise to your client, you will ask him or her to make a promise to you in return. Because you have already outlined the ‘above and beyond’ experience that you will be providing, your client will be ready to make this promise. This next part of the script might sound a little something like this, “the other part of my company’s Promise is actually something I need from you! Between today and the day we actually close on your house, I would like you to put me in touch with one person to connect with about residential real estate. Would you be willing to make that promise to me?” 

Once your client agrees to his or her half of the Promise, be sure to say ‘Thank you’ and reiterate that you and your team are going to be focused on and committed to providing a 10/10 experience. 

Next, let your client know that if for some reason you get to the closing table and you have not yet received a referral, that you will assume you have let him or her down and didn’t deliver on the 10/10 Promise you made. Furthermore, that is why he or she did not deliver on the other end of the Promise. 

Explain to your client that if you get to this point in the transaction and he or she has not sent a referral, you will ask, “What did I do wrong?” or “What part of my Promise did I break?” The next thing you will say to him or her is: “if I did in fact hold up my end of the Promise, I am going to ask you to hold up your end as well and send me the name of someone you know. I am definitely going to ask. Is that OK?” At this point, your client will be on board with the entire Promise!

Lastly, thank your client for agreeing to the Promise. Your closing line may sound something like: “Thank you for this opportunity! I am really looking forward to working together — I PROMISE I won’t let you down.”

Study, practice, and implement this script into your business and watch your referrals increase!

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