The Path to Success

Published: October 30, 2018

The path to success is not an easy one to embark upon. Starting something new can be exciting, thrilling, and even scary. Whether you are starting out in a new career, or a new relationship, you must develop the right expectations when it comes to the trajectory of your success. Having the right expectations, not only helps you focus on your goals, but also helps keep you moving forward even when things are not looking up.

Always remember that the path to success will be littered with ups, downs, and plateaus. We are familiar with the ups and the downs, and we are told to prepare for them. However, we are rarely taught to pay attention to the significance of plateaus. The space between your last “down” and your next “up” is where you find this plateau. It is possible that you’ve never really studied your plateaus, so let’s discuss.  

Here is how it works. You experience a breakthrough in your business, or take that next step in your relationship; this is an up, and every up has a peak. Peak performance, however, is unsustainable and you cannot help but to regress.  It’s natural. Maybe you lose a client or your partner tells you they want to take things slow. This does not mean your world implodes. Rather, it causes your rapid ascent to begin to slow. This is a down. The down doesn’t take you back to square one.  Instead look at it as a small speed bump or slight obstacle. You continue driving forward. And before you experience your next peak in success, you hit what we call the plateau.

How hard you work, train, and study during the plateaus directly impacts the size and length of your next peak.  This is where discipline (or the lack thereof) rears its head. What is personal discipline? It is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not, especially in a period of regression.

As this pattern happens over and over and over again, you will see that, despite the size of your ups, downs and plateaus, you are still on the upward path to success. This is because each time you regress you will start to plateau at a point that is greater than the point of the last plateau you experienced.  Some paths are steeper than others. At the end of the day, just remember that you are on the right path and every step you take will get you to your goal.


Coach’s Tip


The point of the above is to call awareness to the often overlooked plateaus of growth and development.  In this week’s coach’s tip, I felt it best to explain the above using easier to understand graphics!!

You’ve probably seen this one before:



But here’s what I really think it looks like:



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