The Law of Attraction – Be, Do, Have

Published: November 13, 2018

This week’s post comes from Metrix Team Member, Katelyn Saunders! Katelyn is very intrigued by and passionate about the Law of Attraction, and has seen it unfold first hand. She outlines one of her favorite Law of Attraction concepts below.

Whether we are aware or not, we are using the Law of Attraction every second, of every minute, of every day. Each action we take, word we say, or thought we think, is taken into account. Furthermore, each of these things will materialize and become a reality. The Law of Attraction simply put, is: thoughts become things.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws that exists, and even more powerful is that we have absolute control over it. Be careful with this control though — remember, each thought becomes a reality, whether good or bad. Furthermore, with this power it is important to become intentional about our thinking and speaking, and if done correctly, we can speak and think success into existence.

One of the simplest ways to look at the Law of Attraction and start to control the outcomes, is to adopt the idea of ‘Be, Do, Have’. The concept of ‘Be, Do, Have’ is one of the simplest ways to begin implementing the Law of Attraction into your life. Simply put, you must be (think) and do (act) in order to have what it is that you desire.

It all starts with your ‘being’. Rewire your thoughts and words to be in line with your goals and desires, such that you can start speaking them into existence. The next step is ‘doing’. The last six letters of ‘attraction’ spell ‘action’. Belief alone will not help you accomplish goals, you must actually do the things to produce results, wealth, and abundance. With the combination of being and doing, you will automatically attract what it is you desire.

Take your goals and apply this concept. Let’s say you have a goal to purchase a sports car next year. The reality is that most people are hardwired to work this concept backwards – have, do, be. For example, once I have a sports car, then I will do the things to afford it, and then I will believe I can own a sports car. This couldn’t be further from how the Law of Attraction actually works. Rather you must adopt the thinking of someone who has a sports car, then do the things necessary to afford it, then you will have the car!

Starting today, get fully committed to the Law of Attraction. If you are not achieving your goals, or it is taking longer than you thought, ask yourself “do I actually believe I can do this?”, “am i thinking like a successful person thinks?”, “am I doing everything I need to be doing to accomplish my goals?” Once you get clear on your thoughts and actions, the Law of Attraction will start showing up.

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