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Published: December 10, 2019

At Metrix we aim to become ‘pros’ at all things real estate related and then educate our Metrix Community on how to do the same! This week’s blog is all about how to show a home like a PRO! To help us curate this blog and provide you with the best of the best tips, we have consulted one of our lead Metrix Coaches, Ryan! Keep on reading to see how Ryan shows homes like pro.

To start off, once a buyer signs an agreement to work with you exclusively, Ryan suggests creating a buyer book or binder that is provided to the buyer at the buyer consult. Ryan brings this to the buyer consultation and presents it the buyer along with printouts of all the homes that the buyer will be seeing. Additionally, he adds his contact information and his lender and other vendors’ contact information. After presenting the buyer book at the buyer consult, Ryan encourages his clients to bring the book each time they see a home. Not only does this book/binder provide your client with an idea of what homes he or she will be seeing, but it also serves as a form of marketing for YOU! Think about this. The client will take the binder home, and set it on the coffee table or maybe leave it in the front seat of the car. We can then agree that it is likely that his or her friends will see the binder, and will then think of YOU when they want to buy a home.

Ryan’s next tip is learning how to show homes like a pro is to preview the listing sheets prior to showing. By reviewing these sheets, you will become familiar with important parts of the home that you will want to share with your client, such as the price, days on market, taxes, HOA fees, etc.

Ryan next tip: communicate with the cross agent. There is nothing more disappointing to a buyer than to show them a house that was under contract, yet still active on the MLS. Be sure to read the private remarks closely; this will give you more information on the property (alarm info, showing info, etc).

The next tip that Ryan shared in how to show homes like a pro is: use technology to be more efficient. Use tools like Google maps and STAR each property ahead of time. By utilizing Google Maps this will help you plan your showings and be efficient. Another tool that Ryan uses in preparing for showings is ShowingTime

Lastly, when you are out on an appointment and showing a home, Ryan encourages you to come to the table with more than just “this is the kitchen, this is the living room”. Rather, share various facts about the home and the neighborhood. What is the school district like or the available amenities? Share the qualities and aspects of the home or neighborhood that the buyer is interested in.

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