Set Realistic Expectations for New Hires

Published: August 14, 2018

Bringing new members on to a team can be both exciting and nerve wracking, for both parties involved. To ease the nerves, it is important to set the right expectations for the new hire. Doing so helps promote motivation and achievement. Whether you use a unique onboarding process, or a new hire checklist, there are a few key ways to set the new hire up for success! Our team has outlined these points for you:

Understand the Leadership

As a new team member, getting to know everyone at the company can be overwhelming. It can sometimes even be impossible, depending on the size. During the onboarding process, be sure to outline the company hierarchy. Explain the current organizational chart, other important colleagues and vendors, and the new hire’s direct point of contact. Furthermore, understanding the ‘whole picture’ will help the new hire recognize the company values.

Outline Leadership Expectations

Once the new hire knows who their direct boss or leader is, it is then important to explain the leader’s expectations. Provide a breakdown of meeting times, meeting structures, and what to have prepared before each meeting. Subsequently, provide any other information that will help the new hire feel confident. If the new hire knows what his or her leader expects, he or she will be better prepared to achieve success in the role.

Prepare them for the Culture

During the hiring process, you learn more about the applicant’s personality type. Doing so, allows you to determine whether or not he or she would be a good fit with your current team. During the interview process, it is important to give the prospective new hire an idea of the team culture. Therefore, once the new team member is hired, he or she already has a clear expectation of how to interact among peers. This will allow him or her to fit in right away.

Outline the Steps for Excelling in the Role

In the job description, the position and expected duties were most likely outlined for the new hire to understand. Upon hiring the new team member, it is up to the leader to further emphasize the role expectations. As a leader, you must paint a clear picture of what is needed to achieve success in the role. Consider using lead and lag indicators to help the new hire understand the effective tasks. Also explain how the results of this role impact others within the company. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the specific role, will allow the new team member to be highly effective.

At Metrix, we understand that building a profitable business depends on the people involved. We also understand that there is little time set aside to experience turnover. Utilizing these four points will allow for greater retention, and furthermore allow you to focus on other business building activities.


Coach’s Tip


Hiring a talented person to your sales team is fun, empowering, and very exciting.  That being said, it is very easy to enter the “honeymoon phase” with your new hire: reminding them of all the great reasons why your team is right for them, telling them how excited you are to have them on board, while throwing all accountability and standards out the window!  Rather than make this honeymoon phase mistake, I instead implore you to ask yourself, “what must this person do over the next 30 days to KEEP this job I hired them for?” Once you have answered this question, share the answers with your new hire. Your answers here represent the expectations for their role during the first month.  After month one, ask yourself the question again – “what must this person do over the NEXT 30 days to keep their job?”. After 2-3 months of this line of questioning, your new hire has “earned” their role. Furthermore, long term expectations/standards can be implemented.

– Brian Gubernick

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