Scripts that Set You Apart

Published: February 24, 2020

Many professionals are taught different types of scripts throughout their careers, and depending on the situation they will use a specific script to solicit a certain answer or outcome. For real estate agents, scripts are among the most powerful tools in your toolbox and knowing how to use them will set you apart from others!

To help me outline the power of scripts, I have consulted my business partner and friend — the real estate ‘magician’ — Jason Abrams!

Jason believes that the most important script for every real estate agent to use is “whichever script that makes them the most human the most often”. Whether you are nurturing old leads that you are staying in touch with or you are connecting with your Sphere to gather more referrals, the fundamental truth that people do business with people they like is prevalent throughout both.

Here are some questions to think about when talking to your leads and clients: What conversation do I need to have with YOU individually such that you and I move closer together? What do you and I have in common? What can you and I talk about where it doesn’t feel like a script? For example, if Jason were to call me, he might start talking to me about last week’s football game or a new book he was reading. However, if Jason were to call our business partner, Brett Tanner, he is going to talk about money and cash flow. Every conversation you have with your clients should be unique and tailored to them.

For a new lead, this may sound like an impossible task since you have never talked to the person before. Jason says that the way to get to this point with people is to start collecting information about the people you are connecting with every time you speak with them. This is where technology can really come into play and help!

When you are updating the notes section of your preferred CRM, you should not just include notes around how many bedrooms and bathrooms the buyer desires, but also include notes about the person. Jason believes the ‘notes section is for humanity’ — the notes might include the name of their dog, their kids’ names, or the sports that their kids play. These types of notes will be beneficial when reconnecting with your clients over time and will show them that you care about them as a human just as much as you do a client. If all you are doing is talking about real estate each time you connect with one of your clients, then you are no different from a $4-$5 lead source online. The notes section is what makes you stand apart.

Jason believes that the greatest challenge with scripts right now is that most real estate agents think that their scripts are an answer to having a human conversation, and they’re not. When I asked Jason which scripts are the most important scripts to be practicing right now, he said there are two that he would be using. 

The first one is just one line: “What are your real estate plans for 2020?” Now, this is not the entire script, and if you plan to use this line and this line only, you will fail. Rather, weave this one-liner into a conversation you are already having with a client. After having a conversation about a shared experience, or about something you both like, then ask this question. When you use this one-line script in this context, it will feel natural and organic. Furthermore, this script prompts the other person to answer one of three ways: 1) “I am so glad you asked, we are moving right away!” 2) “We are moving some time in 2020!” 3) “We are not planning on moving in 2020?” By asking this simple question and getting the client to open up about their real estate plans, you will then know how to continue following up with this person throughout the year.

The second script that Jason believes is among the most important scripts to be using is the “FORD Script” — Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. This script is super simple to use, yet extremely effective! 

At the end of the day, it all comes back to just getting to know your client! If you spend time actually getting to know your clients, they will continue to spend time (and money) with you! 

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