Resistance is Futile

Published: November 27, 2018

No matter how big or small, successful or average, weak or strong, we all suffer from resistance. Resistance is triggered by that little voice in your head that tells you you can’t achieve success. Or maybe it tells you that you’re not good enough, or strong enough. Most of us experience resistance in the form of procrastination, living into the fear of failure, or adopting the mindset of self-doubt.

As stated in Steven Pressfield’s War of Art, “there would be no resistance without the dream.” With any great achievement comes great resistance, and shows up equivalent to the size of your dreams. On the path to entrepreneurship you are bound to run in to many obstacles. If you are not prepared, these obstacles will trigger resistance and slow you down. This is something that everyone has experienced at some point or another in their life. However, you do not have to deal with it forever.

Those that are no longer defeated by resistance time and time again, have mastered how to act in the face of it. Overcoming resistance will not happen overnight, but rather over time. Here are some ways to overcome resistance and continue on the path to achievement:

Get Your Emotions Right

Remember this, resistance is emotionally based. Resistance is not triggered by logical thinking, it is triggered by our emotions and thoughts. Most people say ‘just push your emotions to the side and do it!’. For the lazy, this is a great idea – just do it! For others, recognize and become aware of the emotions you feel in these times of resistance, then immediately change your state or thinking. Then, get into the habit of putting yourself in the right state each time you feel those emotions.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Don’t get distracted. Distraction leads to procrastination, which we now know is resistance at work. Keeps your eyes on the target, the main goal, the prize. Do not let obstacles distract you. It is inevitable that you will deal with obstacles when trying to achieve anything. Let them come and go, but do not focus on them. Stay focused!

Ask Questions

Becoming self aware of the resistance you experience can be a great learning tool, if you are open to it. When you find yourself procrastinating, or feeling doubtful, ask questions: Why am I avoiding this task? What makes me uncomfortable about doing this? Am I willing to push through this discomfort if it means achieving my goal? By answering these questions, you will uncover the truth and realize that you CAN work through any resistance that stands in your way.






The market shift = resistance at work!  As stated above, as team leaders we must get our emotions in order, remained focused on the goal, and seek answers (likely from those that have “come before us” and experienced a market correction).  Specifically though, I encourage you to think like a PROFESSIONAL and not like an amateur! What do I mean by this?

How to become a professional:

  1. Show up every day
  2. Show up no matter what
  3. Stay on the job ALL DAY
  4. Commit to the long haul and remain patient
  5. Recognize the stakes are high and real
  6. Accept remuneration for your labor (we are not here for fun, the goal of business is profit)
  7. Seek mastery of your technique
  8. Receive praise or blame in the real world

A market shift (resistance) hates when we turn PRO!

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