Mastering the Lingo of Sales

Published: December 3, 2019

This week’s blog comes straight from the source himself, a true master of real estate sales lingo, Jason Abrams! Throughout Jason’s time in real estate he has worked hard to understand the importance of effective language and put it into real-world practice. He has shared four tips on how you can master the lingo of sales TODAY!

  1. It is important to understand the basic principle that people do business with people they like. It’s really that simple. Everything you say to someone has to be in line with what he or she likes. One of the phrases that inspired Jason to become masterful with language is: “You are an artist, the conversation is the canvas, and the words you are using are the paints”. Understand that it is not just the words you say but the way you say them. Incorporate verbal and non-verbal cues into your conversations — smile while you talk, recognize the tone of your voice, mirror the other person, etc. If you are in-person you may use more non-verbal cues such as hand motions or mirroring, however if you are having a conversation over the phone you may be more cognizant of your tone of voice.
  2. The next step is knowing what words to use and practicing! The key to mastering the lingo of sales is practice, practice, practice. For those of you who have met or spoken with Jason, you may have grasped that he is the most scripted guy in the world – everything he says is a script! However, because he has mastered his scripts, they sound natural! Once you practice enough, your scripts will start to sound organic. If you are a beginner and just dipping your toes in the water, Jason recommends following your scripts word for word. Then, once you have mastered the script and feel comfortable with it, you can start to make the words your own — this is when it will become more organic.
  3. The third step to mastering the lingo of sales is to understand that all sales have to solve a problem. Begin by identifying your clients’ problems and then figure out how to solve them. When speaking with your clients, always state what their problem is, then state your prescribed solution, and then marry yourself to that solution. At the end of the day, YOU want to be the solution for your clients and you want them to know that!
  4. Jason’s final tip is to use words that the consumer wants to hear. In real estate, the word that people want to hear is: trust. Consumers want to work with someone they trust. When speaking with clients, use the word “trust” 3-4 times to let them know that they can trust you. Additionally, sellers want to hear about reputation. In conversations with your sellers, be sure to mention “I have a great reputation in real estate…” to reassure them that you are the very best option when it comes to real estate.


Each year the National Association of Realtors puts out polls of what is most important to a consumer/client when buying a home or working with a real estate agent. Jason reviews these polls each year and updates his listing/buying presentation scripts accordingly. By doing so, he is able to continue providing his current and past clients with what’s important and with what they want.

To go one step further, Jason suggests creating your own yearly poll! Send a SurveyMonkey to your past clients, asking them what the deciding factor was in deciding to work with you. Based on the responses that you get, you will be able to fine-tune your scripts or language to further meet your clients’ needs.

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