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Published: October 9, 2018

We each have a craft that we have an innate talent for, and genuinely enjoy doing. A craft is usually a unique strength you have that is continuously studied, constantly being perfected, and brings about great joy.

In Tim Ferris’ book, Tools of Titans, he quotes, “you succeed because you find your unique strengths and focus on developing habits around them.” When you commit to mastering your craft, you submit to pouring your whole heart and passion into what you are best at. Subsequently, this leads you down the road of success.

It is time to take control of what you are good at and make the most of it. The Metrix Team has put together three ways to start mastering your craft today.

Time Commitment

In the pursuit of mastery, you must always practice patience. Success is not achieved overnight, but rather over time. Every single day you must commit to working on perfecting that which you are already good at. In everything you do, you must ask yourself, “will this help me get better at my craft?” This does not only apply to what you do during working or business hours. You must sacrifice time outside of working hours to study and perfect your craft. Patience plus hard work is the recipe for success.

Become a Student

Before one can become a master of anything, he must be the student. You are not the first person who is looking to master this specific craft. It has likely been done before. Seek out those who have achieved mastery, and copy what they did to get there. Someone else out there has the tips and tricks you are looking for. They can also tell you the mistakes they made during their journey to mastery. Seek out their advice. Ask to shadow them. Becoming a student can be one of the greatest ways to mastering your craft.

Developing the Right Mindset

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to establish the right mindset. Mindset is vital to achievement, yet can easily be discounted. Like entrepreneurship, on the path to mastery, you will experience highs and lows, gains and losses. When you hit the lows, remind yourself WHY you are working so hard. It may even be beneficial to create reminders for yourself. For example: create a vision board that you look at each day, or set a daily alert on your phone that triggers you to shift your thinking.

Bonus Tip: Hire people to takeover those things that do not align with your goals. If household chores are not in alignment with your mastery goals, hire a personal assistant. If running the social media for your business is not a main priority, hire a college intern to takeover your social platforms. Do everything you can to focus your time, energy, and effort on things that align with your mastery.





At Metrix and, specifically, during our Metrix Implementation Program, we preach the importance of lead incubation and the maximization of your CRM.  What we’ve found interesting is how often Team Leaders want to completely “hand off” all CRM related responsibilities, tasks, and analysis. We caution against this!  Mastering your craft starts with understanding the core of your business. Your CRM is the backbone to your operation. Do you need to know all of the intricacies of your database management tool?  Of course not. But we do recommend that you have a strong understanding of your team’s lead flow. So roll your sleeves up and dig into your CRM today!

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