Master the RAS

Published: March 12, 2019

When you create a massive focus around something that you are insanely passionate about, you set yourself up for massive success. At the same time, you also trigger your reticular activation system to start working in your favor. The reticular activating system is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized, built-in tools in the human body — also known as the RAS.

The RAS sits at the base of the human brain and has been dubbed the gatekeeper to the human mind. The RAS serves as a filter of our environment and thoughts. Furthermore, as the gatekeeper to our mind, it lets certain information in and allows us to concentrate on that specific information at a greater level and thus create it into existence.

The RAS is specific to each individual and is customized based on you and your environment! This powerful tool is triggered by beliefs, thoughts, words, and, perhaps most importantly, what you focus on most. You may know someone who always talks about how they can’t lose weight, that they are never on time, or they are bad at relationships. And guess what?! They do not lose weight, they always arrive late, and they have poor relationships. Whether or not they are aware of it, their thoughts have created their reality.

On the contrary, those that believe they can create whatever they want and obtain anything they desire, do exactly that! Remember this: What you put out there, you get back! The RAS is influencing the world you see and experiences around you; it helps you see what you actually want to see, and furthermore influences your actions.

Perhaps the coolest part about our own individual RASs, is that we are in total control of how it works. Think about this: you are in control of the parameters you set within your mind, as well as the beliefs that then fill those parameters. We can, more or less, train our RAS and dictate what we want to create. This is tied to the Law of Attraction and the practice of Be, Do, Have.

Get in control of your RAS – set it up for success. Just as you put systems in place inside your business to bring you success, get your own system dialed in so you can focus on the right things and create the success you desire!

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