It’s Your Time to HIRE

Published: April 28, 2020

Are you currently aiming to grow your real estate team even though the market appears to be shifting and business may become more challenging?

This is a question I am asking many of my coaching clients today, and it is a very big area of focus in our new program, Implementation for a Shifting Market.

I believe that all of us should be recruiting right now – for talented operations staff, high performing agents, better vendor partners, and the best suited mentor/coach. Today’s landscape has presented us with one of the greatest talent grab opportunities that we will ever experience.

Why is this?

Compensation has been reduced or even eliminated for many in operations.  There’s concern and maybe even difficulty paying the bills.  Your business can provide stability.

70% of all agents have never been through a shift, have little to no plan to pivot and survive, and/or are overwhelmed with fear.  They need guidance and support.  Your business can be the provider of this.

Many industry vendors have experienced a reduction in business and revenue.  Only the best will survive.  Crisis exposes weaknesses, and your vendors’ respective businesses are on full display.  Are your current vendors really partners that you want to still be affiliated with?  Have they run at the fire instead of run for the hills?  Have they supported your business at this time, or are they only looking for you to support theirs?  Choose only those vendors that are on your same path.

Lastly, who is your sounding board at this time?  Who is your support group?  Who is guiding you and providing insight based on real life experience and not just theory?  Are you learning from a team that gets it right NOW, or are they basing their knowledge off of experiences from decades ago?  You get to pick this team.  Choose wisely as this investment will either pay dividends or cost you dearly in months and years to come.

As always, be calculated in your recruiting and hiring process.  Yes, there will be an abundance of talent on the market but they must be the right fit for you – culturally, financially, and logistically.

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