Investing in Your Team

Published: September 3, 2019

The people who work in your organization are among the most valuable assets in your company. A powerful team will help mold the company, contribute to the mission, and drive the company into the future. As a leader, it is important to devote time, energy, and the right resources into developing and maintaining the best team.

We have put together a couple ways that you as a leader can invest in the development and maintenance of your team:

Understand Their Motivations

Throughout the hiring process it is likely that you will gain some insight into what motivates and drives a person. If this person is a strong candidate for your team, is important that you as the leader really take the time to get to know him or her – thoroughly reviewing personality assessment results to understand strengths and weaknesses and scheduling a one-on-one meeting to go deeper into what drives him or her. Understand that this process of uncovering a team member’s motivation does not stop after he or she is hired, but rather should be continued throughout his or her tenure with your team. 

Implement Incentives

Motivation alone will not be enough to cultivate a strong team dynamic and culture within your company. Along with helping your team members achieve their goals, you must also provide them with further perks, benefits, financial opportunities, or career advancements. In some cases, pay raises, health benefits, or promotions are not always available, especially if you are a newer or smaller company. However, fun perks and opportunities are usually easy to implement and well received. These can include team outings for hitting performance goals or team lunches.

Provide Education

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we are fortunate to be surrounded and inspired by people in our sphere who are committed to personal and professional growth. Furthermore, it is our responsibility as a leader to inspire our teams to grow personally and professionally. This can include sharing books, attending seminars, and more! Put together a monthly book club and invite your team members to be a part of it. Invite outside speakers to come in and educate your team. Providing these resources and opportunities for your team members will not only result in their individual growth, but overall company growth as well.

Coach’s Tip:  

Here are some things you can implement TODAY:

  1. Begin asking “The Dan Sullivan Question” to all current and future team members.  Do something with the answers you receive and knowledge you gain. Click here to learn more or visit:
  2. Make a list of the 2 or 3 people that are most important in your business world.  For each of these individuals, set a 30 day goal of some sort – this goal must be SMART (  Determine what incentive you’d like to offer this individual for achieving the goal!  Also, determine how you’d like to track this goal and the frequency in which to do it – daily would be ideal.  Lastly, figure out how you can best support and encourage this person to achieving their goal. You want them to hit it!
  3. Start a book club today.  Ask your entire team to participate.  Have everyone provide their “takeaway” from each chapter.  Select a topic that you believe is most relevant to your business or market right now.  Make this a fun activity for your team. Empower individuals within your organization to lead the daily or weekly discussions around the chapters.

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