Acting in the Face of Fear

Published: November 6, 2018

4 frogs are sitting on a log.  3 frogs decide to jump off of the log.  How many frogs are left?!

When I was asked this question last week, I answered with what I believed to be the obvious answer – 1.  To my surprise, the person asking me the question said my answer was wrong. His response – “I did not tell you the frogs jumped off of the log.  I just told you they ‘decided’ to jump. There is a significant difference between deciding and taking action.”

He had a great point.

Deciding is an easy thing to do.  Taking action though…that requires courage.

So if courage is what is required to make a decision and follow it with action what, then, stands in the way?

FEAR.  Fear is the enemy of action. Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.  

Fear creates complacency.  It causes one to settle. It prompts lowering of the bar, setting average level goals, and excuses.  

The crazy thing, though, is that fear is only in your head.  It’s a learned response, oftentimes instilled at a young age as a function of your environment.  And since it is a learned response it can be unlearned.

So what fears do you have that are standing in your way of success?  What concerns are stopping you from setting high reaching goals? As a leader what fears of yours are unconsciously being passed to those you are seeking to positively influence?  And as a parent, son, daughter, or spouse, what fears are influencing your family environment?

How do we overcome our fears, make decisions, and most importantly develop the courage to TAKE ACTION.  I believe there are 2 action steps.

  1. Recognize that fears are just an illusion.  Are you fearful of snakes, roller coasters, public speaking, failure, clowns, etc.?  Why? Remember FEAR = Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.
  2. Put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving.  Activity begets activity. Get started, chip away, celebrate small wins, and create momentum!


There is no doubt that the real estate market is shifting.  This may be alarming for many in our industry.  Fear will drive thousands upon thousands of agents out of the business as the market moves.  For you, though, the market shift presents quite possibly the greatest opportunity that you’ll see in your career!  You must capitalize on this shift.  When the market turns, and agents run for the hills, you must execute your plan to grab market share.  This will only occur if you have a solid plan in place.  Solid plans instill confidence and counter fear.  That said, as soon as possible, you need to lock yourself in a room and devise a plan for how you’ll counter the market turn.  I promise you that you’ll be ahead of your competition and you’ll become fearless!

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