How Words Influence Your Success

Published: September 10, 2019

Success or failure in life and business are a direct result of the quality of our thoughts. Furthermore, the language we use will also have a massive impact on our ability to succeed. You may be a fairly positive thinker and optimistic person, however you must also ensure that the words you use reflect your attitude and thoughts. When positive mentality and positive language are used in unison, this can be a dangerously powerful combo!

Here are some ways you can start using language to influence success and manifest change in your life and business:

Upgrade Your Vocabulary

Recognize and audit the words you are using in your everyday conversations. Are they positive and uplighting? Or are they negative and degrading? Are you dwelling more on challenges you are facing or are you discussing available opportunities? The slightest tweak in your vocabulary can make the greatest difference in the quality of conversations you are having and furthermore directly impact the outcome of that conversation. For example, rather than saying “What if the project fails?” say, “What if the project succeeds, what are our next steps?” 

Use Your Words to Influence Others

In any leadership role in business or life (parenting, relationships, etc.) every single word that you use is consequential. Furthermore, since you are in a position to directly impact others and the overall performance of an organization, you must be selective in your language. Understand that the words we use can build up or tear down self-esteem, motivate or discourage performance, and help build or break down relationships with others. That being said, it is vital that you use positive language in conversations with your team to empower and motivate them. 

It All Starts With YOU

To use your language to influence others, you must first be able to influence yourself. A simple, yet effective way to influence yourself and your own self-talk is to create daily affirmations. Daily affirmations should be a representation of what you are looking to manifest in your life or business, however they must be written as if you have already achieved them. An example of daily affirmations include: ‘I am confident’, ‘I own a successful, growing business, and have an incredible team of motivated individuals’, ‘I have achieved my goal weight’, ‘My net worth is X’, etc. The more detailed the affirmations, the better! Note, these should be recited out loud each day as you must begin to speak them into existence.

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