Exercising Your Emotional Resilience

Published: September 29, 2020

Do you ever wonder how some people can be faced with a crisis and manage to stay cool, calm, and collected the entire time, while others create massive amounts of stress and don’t think they will ever make it through? It can be said that the first set of people has an incredible amount of emotional resilience.

Those with strong emotional resilience are able to effectively and calmly adapt to and handle the stresses that life throws at them. When a challenge presents itself, rather than dwelling on the negative or being completely knocked down, they recognize and accept the challenge and start working towards a solution. 

Contrary to some beliefs that this is a born trait, emotional resilience is actually something that can be developed, practiced, and strengthened over time. Furthermore, building upon this trait will transform the way you go through life and how you handle stress. We have listed some ways you can start strengthening your emotional resilience muscle today!

Be Realistically Optimistic – Think positively without being naive to reality and what is really going on. Recognize all sides of a situation, both positive and negative, but do not dwell on the negative.

Practice Empathy.  Have an emotional understanding of what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way, while also understanding the feelings of the people around you. This will help in knowing how to respond to others as well as coping with various emotions that arise, like fear or uncertainty.

Evaluate Your Support System. Having a close group of friends and family that support you will help you to further foster resilience and strengthen your overall emotional well-being. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who will help you to stay strong!

Maintain Healthy Habits. Ensure that you are taking care of yourself and your health, and avoid any unhealthy habits. Keeping up with good exercise habits will keep you strong, both physically and mentally.

Stay Mentally Fit. Become a lifelong learner and pour into your personal (and professional) development. Read and study books, and challenge yourself with trying new things.

Know Your ‘Why’. Emotional resilience is further strengthened by having a strong sense of passion and purpose. Continue to remind yourself why you do what you do as this will help you to keep pushing yourself forward.

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