Four Steps to Establishing the Standards of Your Day

Published: January 20, 2020

As entrepreneurs it is vital to build effective habits and make conscious decisions when it comes to our businesses. By doing so, we create consistency — rather, we create standards. As real estate professionals specifically, we must create purposeful habits focused around effective lead generation. On the contrary, those who fail to create standards, will operate their real estate businesses as merely hobbies, not making any upward trajectory.

Our Metrix Head Coach, Julie Youngblood, has put together four steps to establishing the standards of your day. Whether you are a brand new agent and or you have been around the block, you are going to want to adopt some of Julie’s tips.

Julie’s first step to developing the standards of your day is to have a consistent schedule. Think about past jobs you have had. Did you have a schedule to follow? Did you know what time you had to show up or what time you had to show up for weekly staff meetings? Just because you are your ‘own boss’ does not mean that you can operate on the fly; you must have a schedule. Outline a consistent schedule for yourself so you know exactly what you need to be doing and when — from what time you will start your day to what time you will end your day. Julie’s Pro Tip: Start at the exact same time every day!

The next step is to outline your financial goals. It is crucial to know what your financial goals are and then to do the math and further establish what your daily activities should look like. Start with a larger goal and then break it down into chunks. For example, take your yearly goal, divide it into monthly goals, and then from there you can chunk it down to daily activities that need to be done in order to hit your goal.

Seems pretty simple so far, huh? It totally is – just commit to your standards and you will start to see success! Let’s keep going.

Julie’s next tip to developing effective standards is to eliminate distractions — both in and out of the office. It is important to manage other peoples’ expectations of your availability, especially when you are in the office. A great way to eliminate those constant distractions throughout the day is to set office hours. By setting office hours, your team members or fellow agents will know when they can and cannot talk to you. For example, tell your team members or fellow agents that anytime before 11am is off limits and they cannot talk to you as this is the time that you will be making money for your family and getting things done. Then from 11am to 1pm your door is open. 

Lastly, Julie recommends that you create a job description for yourself. Outline what tasks you are responsible for; create a task list of what you have to complete every day. Map out exactly what you need to do each day to be successful. You should never show up to work and not know what to do.  If you worked in a restaurant or any other job you would know exactly what to do during your shift and what had to be completed before you left.

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