Why You Should Create a Vision Board

Published: August 1, 2018

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming of the ultimate life? What does it look like? Are you traveling the world? Are you spending time with your spouse and kids at your summer home? Are you donating your time to a foundation that is near and dear to your heart? What kind of home do you live in? Who do you spend time with? What kind of car are you driving? Alright, let’s cut to the chase here… we are all daydreaming of our dream lives every day! My question is: what are you doing to turn this dream into reality?

Today we are going to cover a fun topic on how to turn your dreams into reality. Yes, working hard on your craft is an absolute critical part to achieving success, and success absolutely cannot be created without this. However, did you know that creating a vision board can also help you to turn those daydreams of you on that boat in the middle of the Mediterranean into a reality? It’s true! Today’s topic: From Vision Board to Reality.

What is a Vision Board?

When you were a kid, did you ever cut out pictures from magazines and paste them on a poster board? A vision board is very similar to this. Essentially, a vision board is a place for you to collect pictures and quotes. When compiled together on a poster board or bulletin board, you should be able to step back and see “your dreams” in front of you. These pictures can range from: cars, a favorite handbag, a boat, the logo of your favorite non-profit, a picture of a happy family, and much more.

The goal of the vision board is to bring everything that is on it to life. Does this actually work? Can a piece of poster board with some cutouts on it become a reality? Great question. Below is a list of why you should create a vision board and add to it on a consistent basis.

Keeps Goals at the Forefront of Your Mind

Every time you look at your vision board, you are essentially looking into your future. Keeping these desires at the forefront of your mind will help you to continue to chip away at your goals. It is important to look at your vision board every day. Subsequently, doing so will allow you to always remember why you are working hard.

Encourages Better Focus

Every day when you look at your vision board, you see the end result of what you are working on right now. You know what you need to do to achieve certain goals and where to aim your focus. Let the vision board hold you accountable to focusing on the goals at hand, those goals that will lead you to your “dreams”.

Makes You Happy

The life you create on your vision board is one that should bring you the utmost joy. A life of happiness, success, prosperity, and abundance. Each time you look at the board, you should feel a rush of happiness and excitement rush through you. However, if your vision board does not make you excited about the future, you may want to add more to it.


What you focus on expands. This applies to positives and negatives. Visualization is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized tools available to everyone. Your vision board allows you to visualize your future. Now don’t get me wrong, you still have to work hard. You cannot simply visualize something and hope it appears out of thin air. However, visualization plus hard work, and time, is powerful.

Coach’s Tip

Want a great team exercise that promotes camaraderie and bigger thinking?  Host a “Vision Board Building” day at the office! Weeks prior to the event, begin gathering magazines for your team to use to create their boards.  Days prior, grab the additional materials and supplies (scissors, poster boards, glue, etc.). Once the boards are completed, have each team member describe their board to their peers – why they added what they did, what it would mean to them to fulfill their vision, and what it is going to take to get to where they’d like to be.  Finally, have each team member hang their respective board in their office, cube, or work area/station.

As a team leader responsible for holding your team members accountable to performance standards, here is an idea for you.  For your next 1-on-1 meetings with your agents, ask them to bring their vision boards along with their numbers (or whatever it is you are using as a gauge for performance).  If you find that an agent is below standard and not putting in the effort required to hit their goals, have them pull out their vision board. Ask them what on their vision board they’d like to remove!  Because if they are not putting in the effort and are not hitting standard, then they are going to underperform relative to their goals. And in doing so they will not achieve the dreams outlined on their vision board.  Harsh, yes! But it connects the dots between visualization and hard work.

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