Connecting with Your SOI

Published: December 17, 2019

To bring you the best strategies and tips for how to create and maintain strong relationships with your sphere of influence (SOI) and how to best leverage your SOI, we connected with Metrix Head Coach, Julie Youngblood, who has shared all of her SOI ‘secrets’. 

Below are three strategies on how Julie establishes and maintains connections with her SOI:

Have a systematic and top of mind plan in place to create ‘on purpose’ touches with your SOI. Every 17 days Julie reaches out to past clients either by handwriting notecards, calling, texting, or messaging on Facebook. Additionally, she asks her clients to join her for coffee twice per year. By creating these ‘on purpose’ touches, Julie makes her SOI clients feel extra special, which further builds their trust in her.

Host client events for past clients and SOI. Julie and her team host a minimum of three client events per year. These events are either hosted at their real estate office or at an off-site location. For a recent off-site client event, Julie rented out a movie theater and invited her clients and their families to join her and her team for a ‘Movie Night’! Of course, leveraging the office space is a more affordable option, so two of the three events are typically hosted there. As for off-site events, Julie will leverage her vendors for support. 

Bonus tip: Here is how Julie went the extra mile at the ‘Movie Night’ event. Julie’s team sponsors a local kids non-profit sports team — they donate money to the organization, purchase the kids’ jerseys and add the team logo on the back, and more! She invited these kids and their families to ‘Movie Night’. The kids showed up sporting their jerseys (with the team logo on the back) and before the movie began, Julie made an announcement telling her clients that they support the kids’ team throughout the year and that it would not be possible without her clients’ support. This is a great added touch for a successful client event!

Friend all of your clients on Facebook. Each week Julie scrolls through her Facebook and looks for five clients who have something cool going on in their life — a new job, a new baby, a kid going off to college, etc. Julie will then send the client a small, inexpensive gift acknowledging the news! This ‘touch’ is super effective, unexpected, and clients absolutely LOVE it!

Lastly, here are Julie’s two tips on how to effectively leverage your SOI for referrals:

  1. Stay in touch with your clients and let them know that about 6-7 times per year you will be asking for a referral. If you are effective in staying in touch in many ways — not always real estate centric ways — a referral ‘ask’ will be well-received.
  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, families, and clients in other markets and let them know that you have established a network of specialists all over the country that will take care of them just like you would.

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