Communicating Vision

Published: July 16, 2019

Whether your business is small or large, it is vital that you create a vision for where your company is headed. As a leader, the vision that you create and share is yours, however it would be near impossible to achieve on your own. For your vision to come to life, it must permeate throughout the entire company.

It is important that your organization understand your vision, buy into the outcome, and express enthusiasm along the way. Additionally, each individual and team should be crystal clear on the role they play and how their contribution will impact the company vision and goals. Furthermore, when your entire organization is on the same page, it will be easier to overcome any changes or challenges that come up and continue moving forward in the right direction.

Here are some ideas on how you can share your vision with your team, big or small:

Keep It Simple

Your vision should be thorough and well-thought out, and you must be able to communicate it in both short and long form. In certain instances you will be able to go into detail about the vision and each goal you have for the company. However, it is super important that your vision is simplistic enough that you are able to deliver the vision in a shorter window — five minutes or less. 

Share With Those Outside of Your Organization

Practice sharing your company’s vision with those outside of your organization — your spouse, best friend, parents, and even your kids. By communicating your vision with these individuals, you will be able to practice articulating exactly what to say and how to best deliver the information. Not to mention, if you can explain your vision to a kid, you will be able to explain your vision to anyone in your company.

Enroll Your Leadership & Management

As your company grows, it will become more challenging for YOU to consistently share your vision with every single individual in the organization. That being said, it is important to enroll your leadership team and top management in communicating the vision on your behalf — during new hire onboarding, team meetings, employee reviews, etc.

Schedule Regular Vision Sharing Opportunities

Your company vision may be listed on the inside cover of your employee handbook or posted on a wall in your office, or it is being shared during department or team meetings. Additionally, you should schedule quarterly or bi-annual meetings where the entire organization comes together and hears the vision from YOU. In these meetings you can further communicate the vision in more detail, go over short term and long term goals, as well as explain how each role will have an impact on the outcome.

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