Become a Student of Patience

Published: February 12, 2019

In today’s society there is a constant, overexposure to the idea that glorified lifestyles or success can be achieved ‘overnight’. As we scroll through our social media feeds or read the latest success stories on the internet, it can be easy to fall into the thinking of instant gratification. Remember that, with anything in life, it is important to purposefully practice patience.

Patience can be easily illustrated and understood through studying seasons. We experience seasons throughout our entire lives — weather, age, business, economy, to name a few. We know that not all seasons are full of an abundance of fruits. Some seasons are cold and bring about a period of hard work, sacrifice, or challenges.

A great cycle of seasons that is typically compared to the business world and can be a great lesson on patience, is that of farming. In farming there is a season to plant, a season to water, and a season to harvest. A lot of hard and laborious work is required during the planting and watering seasons, however it is absolutely necessary in order to bring about the harvest.

So how does this relate to your success as an entrepreneur? Building a successful business will require you to work extremely hard and diligently over and over and over. It is likely that you will not see results for many months, and sometimes years. Each day you must remember to be patient, as the success will eventually find you. Just keep your head down and keep planting and watering — the harvest is coming.

By exercising patience, your ‘season of harvest’ will bring about positive rewards such as strong profits, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales. You will be able to make clear and smart decisions as you will be focused on positivity and growth. You will create a solid, and admirable reputation by not giving up. Lastly, over time, you will develop talent and excellence.

On the path to success or entrepreneurship, each one of us has been, or will be, tested by patience. As a new business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, this may be one of the most challenging qualities to adopt. However, with each trial and tribulation, your tolerance for patience will increase, and the benefits will be incredible.

Coach’s Tip

My mentor has always advised me that I must practice, what he calls, “aggressive patience.”  He states that you must be aggressive in your planning. But then you must be patient in allowing that plan to come to fruition.  I love this concept, but how do you practice it in the real (estate) world? One thing I’ve done is gain an understanding around the lead measures that create and drive to the lag results.  Understanding lead measures allows me to track the precursors to success, and when you know the path you must take, it becomes easier to be more patient awaiting results.

For example, if you want to take a listing, how many appointments must you go on (appointments attended are a lead measure to listings signed)?  And if you want to attend a certain number of appointments, how many appointments must you set? And if you want to set a certain amount of appointments, how many contacts must you make? And to make that number of contacts, how many calls must you make? And lastly, to make the quantity of calls, how many minutes must you dial???  I know this sounds a bit crazy, but if all you focus on is the result (listing signed, in this example) then success may feel like light years away! If you instead focus on the lead measures the create the end results, patience is not as challenging to develop. Make sense?!

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