Attitude of Gratitude

Published: November 20, 2018

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to dedicate this blog to the attitude of gratitude.

Many people wait until this one Thursday in November to express all they are grateful for. As an entrepreneur, you know it is important to express gratitude each and every single day. Gratitude allows you to experience a mindset shift and positively impacts your mental and emotional state. It also impacts your ability to achieve success. Sir John Templeton, one of the greatest investors in history, says “the secret to wealth is gratitude.”

Here are three simple ways for you to express daily gratitude:

Three in the Morning

Have you ever heard the quote “start each day with a grateful heart”? Sounds a bit cheesy, but is absolutely true and so easy to do. Every morning when you wake up, name three things you are grateful for. You can keep it personal and write them in a journal by your bed. Or maybe you enroll someone important in your life and every morning text each other the three things you are grateful for.

Prime Time

Tony Robbins encourages his listeners to create a system around being grateful. He shares the concept of “priming”, the idea that your thoughts are created by your environment. In his daily priming practice, he devotes significant time to gratitude. During the process of priming, it is key to express gratitude on what immediately comes to top of mind, rather than searching for things to be grateful for. The idea of priming helps to deliver the right energy to yourself, thus affecting your attitude so you can attract the right people to your life.

Say it Out Loud

The act of actually saying ‘thank you’ in person, rather than via email or text, is much more effective. It is so simple, and usually impersonal to text someone ‘thanks’. Instead, taking the time to thank someone in person shows that you are truly grateful. Showing gratitude via verbal acknowledgement can make someone’s day, and it will also make you feel great!

Bonus: Gratitude is directly correlated to the Law of Attraction. Remember from our breakdown of the Law of Attraction, what you focus on expands. Don’t be surprised when you express gratitude for things like good health, the ability to create, the ability to learn and expand your knowledge, your sphere of influence, and then you continue to experience those things at a greater degree.






As Sales Team Leaders, we move so quickly and are so focused on our next goal, task, client, etc. that we do not take the time to recognize our victories and, especially, those responsible for them.  Are you guilty of “forgetting” to do this too? I brought this “problem” to a mentor of mine some years ago. And his answer was the same answer he gives me for most any challenge I encounter – “create a model and system to bring structure and automation.”  He instructed me to do 2 things. First, he told me to go buy a bunch of gift cards…$5 Starbucks Cards, $10 Amazon Cards,…and stash those cards in a drawer by my desk. He then said to enlist the support of my assistant and empower her to “remind” me of when someone does a great job.  This reminder prompted me to reach in the drawer, grab a gift card, and write a quick note of gratitude and praise. At first this felt weird. I need to be reminded to thank and recognize someone? But my mentor explained to me that the fact that I built out a system to counter an area of personal weakness is far better than dropping the ball altogether.  And of course, after some time, the reminder was no longer necessary. Give this system a try and let me know how it works for you!

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