An Abundance Mindset

Published: August 13, 2019

As most of us know, mindset plays a very significant role in our ability to succeed at a high level, not only in business but also in life. When you operate with an ‘abundance mindset’ you understand that there is an unlimited amount of resources available to you — money, recognition, opportunity, and more.

This type of mindset is especially important in any leadership role as it directly impacts the influence you have over your team. Furthermore, your team will begin to adopt the same mindset which in turn will drive your business to more and more success.

Here are some ways you can begin (or continue) fostering an abundance mindset:

Positive Mentality & Thinking

In order to operate with an abundance mindset, you must consistently practice mindfulness in everything you do. Your thoughts directly impact your ability to create opportunity and how you react to events happening in your life and business. Remember, thoughts become things! Become self-aware of your thoughts; recognize when they turn negative and make a conscious effort to shift them to positivity. Rather than dwelling on what challenges you are facing, shift your focus to what solutions and future opportunities are available to you. 

Language & Speaking

In addition to maintaining positive thinking, you must also be aware of the language you use every single day. Your thoughts and your language both play a huge part in developing and maintaining an abundance mindset and shaping your reality. Next time you are speaking to someone, recognize if you are speaking out of scarcity or out of abundance. Are you talking about what is going wrong or what is going right?! Another way to create and maintain an abundance mindset is to actively practice sharing gratitude and appreciation. Be grateful for all that you have achieved and let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. 

Affirmations & Goal Setting

In the midst of change and any challenges you may face, having a list of daily affirmations will keep you focused on what truly matters. They are a very powerful tool to use when creating a life of abundance. By creating affirmations and reviewing them daily (sometimes multiple times a day), you are able to reset your focus. Write these down and keep them somewhere where you will see them often — use it as a bookmark, post it on your mirror, keep it in your wallet. In addition to creating positive daily affirmations, also set goals that are congruent with your abundance mindset. These goals should also be in alignment with your abundance mindset. They should stretch you and push you to grow and become more than you already are.

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