Adding Value as a Leader

Published: October 23, 2018

You attract or detract people based on the quality of value you add to their lives and businesses. When members of an organization feel valued, the organization as a whole will perform better.

As a leader, in order to add value to your organization, you must know what is going on inside of your organization. What inspires your team? What encourages or discourages them? Knowing this information will allow you to pinpoint where to focus on adding value. Our team has put together three ways you can add value to your team right away:


The phrase, ‘people will work for a living, but they will die for recognition’ is absolutely true. Everyone appreciates being recognized for their accomplishments. For those team members that enjoy public recognition, make sure that you carve out time at your weekly or monthly meetings to acknowledge their accomplishments. And for the team members that prefer to be recognized in private, make certain to block a few minutes on your calendar to be purposeful in sharing your appreciation for their performance.  Make it a point to spend time focusing on the progress and benefits that each team member is adding to the team. You may even find it beneficial to have monthly or quarterly meetings with each member. Spending this one-on-one time with each of them, will make them feel immensely valued.


You must always remain approachable in the workplace. As a leader and entrepreneur, it is understandable that your schedule gets full and your day gets busy. However, your team must always know that they can come to you for anything. Instilling this level of accessibility in your organization will add an increased value to the overall workplace culture. If team members know they can come to you for anything and everything, there will be less drama, obstacles, and confusion in the workplace. Being available for your team is a huge value to everyone involved – it provides your team members a trusted outlet to turn to, and allows you to get an inside look into the team’s dynamic and operations.


In any business or industry, everyone knows that change occurs every single day. As a leader it is important to prepare for, and when timing is right, expose the change to your team members.  When it doubt, disclose! Everyone in your organization already knows that change is inevitable, whether big or small. Subsequently, as the leader, they look to your for guidance. You must let them know that you are preparing the business, and them, for upcoming changes. This will provide them with the confidence they need to move forward even in the midst of change. Knowing that they are well equipped for upcoming change, allows your team members to have more faith in you, thus allowing them to focus on what is important.

What are you currently practicing in your business that is adding value to your team members?




If it is your intention to build a larger, higher producing, powerful real estate team, then you MUST be purposeful in your actions to become a better leader!  Look for mentors to model. Learn how to ask more powerful questions. Read and study. Remember how aggressive you were in your pursuit to becoming a phenomenal Listing Agent?  Do you recall the number of hours you spent role playing and objection handling? Do you remember how many “at bats” you had before you felt like you had your listing presentation down pat?  The same approach must be applied to leadership if you want to GROW.

I believe that if you are a new leader and want to improve your leadership game today, it starts with “modeling”.  Model the behavior you expect of those you are intending to influence. Want your team members to lead generate? Roll up your sleeves and outperform them all!  Want them to show up on time? Be the first one to arrive! Modeling is the simplest tactic to implement yet it is not easy to maintain. Rise to the occasion, and watch how it propels you Further. Faster.  

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