Adapting to Change

Published: August 27, 2019

We are faced with change every single day — in the workplace and in our personal lives. With a world that is constantly evolving and changing every second of every day, it is important that we learn how to anticipate the change, embrace it, and maximize the new opportunities it may bring about.

Here are a few tips for adapting to change in an ever-changing world:

Accepting Change

When change occurs, it is in our natural human nature to be slightly upset as it is easier to hold onto what we know than starting something new. Rather than dwelling on the fact that a change has occurred, the best thing to do is to accept it. In most cases, there is likely nothing you can do to revert a change, so you must come to terms that it has happened. Once you accept that a change has occurred, shift your focus and productivity to be sure that you and your business evolve accordingly. 

Channel Your Creativity

Adapting to change requires that you shift quickly and think on your toes. The ability to channel creativity and innovation in the midst of change will play a large role in whether or not you or your business will be able to adapt and maybe even survive. Keep an open mindset and continue to educate yourself on what is happening in your city, the industry, and the world. Read books that stretch your mind and expose you to new ideas. When you travel to other places, take mental notes (or real notes) of what other businesses are doing well, or maybe where they lack. By educating yourself and experiencing what is going on in the world, you will be able to look at your business from a larger perspective and better adapt to change.

Prepare Your Team

Although it is important for you as a leader to educate and prepare yourself in adapting to change, it is equally as important to educate and prepare your team. As previously mentioned, your team and organization looks to you for guidance. When something in the business has changed suddenly or if you sense that a change is going to take place in the near future, you must get with your team right away. Prepare them for what has happened or what you sense may happen, what plans or solutions you are putting in place, and reassure them that you will be there to guide them.

Coach’s Tip

To survive and thrive in changing times (i.e. a real estate market shift), one must be resilient. Resilient people possess three characteristics, and these characteristics can be nurtured and developed.  Check out this great article on resilience for more detail:

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