5 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Business

Published: July 17, 2018

Momentum is the impetus gained by a moving object. We can make examples of gaining momentum in regards to science, but can we do the same for your real estate business? The answer is a resounding YES, and if you’ve been in our industry for any time at all you’ve likely already experienced both positive and negative momentum…sometimes in the same day or even hour!

Let’s look at the creation of “positive momentum”.  For purposes of this conversation let’s define “positive momentum” as that little boost that takes you and your organization to the next step forward. The amazing thing about momentum is that it keeps growing, and without it a company will be mediocre and at a standstill.  When your business experiences an upward trend like momentum, it creates motivation for others not to quit – when striking out while phone prospecting, when a deal falls apart, when losing out on that key hire, when the market declines, etc.

How do you go about increasing momentum in your organization?  Our team at Metrix recommends these five tips:

Stick to Your Business Plan

It is very challenging to create momentum without a plan and vision in place.  Momentum without direction can be actually become a waste of energy and resources, two things we cannot afford to fully utilize.

Celebrate Small Victories

Want to create momentum while phone prospecting?  Start with a focus on the activities rather than the results.  For example, recognize and celebrate the first contact of the day, the first 100 dials, the first person to dial 120 consecutive minutes, the first added prospect to the database, etc.  Recognize the lead measures (effort) that create the lag measures (results). Make sure to have fun with it. The small victories will create bigger ones, therefore momentum will start steamrolling forward.

Be Positive

Be positive, have the right mindset, and do not let negativity stand in your way.  Attitude truly is everything, especially in the real estate business.  Each day has its own trials and tribulations. Create a happy, exciting environment. Use each challenge and mistake as teachable moments. Build from, and even encourage, failure. Share inspiring quotes or motivation stories with your team each day. Keep the energy high. It is imperative that the team morale and motivation remain high if you want momentum to build.

Get in the Trenches

If you want to build and/or change momentum, perhaps the greatest thing you can do for immediate impact is to become more communicative, hands on, and accessible than you currently are today.  When you get into the thick of things, roll up your sleeves, and demonstrate the type of energy and commitment required to win (and subsequently create positive momentum), your teammates will follow.

Reward Your Team & Yourself

Make everyone you work with feel appreciated. However, do not go overboard with this.  Your rewards should be meaningful yet simple. Set a team reward for completing a task, or schedule a team outing if a goal is met.  

Use these tips to start increasing your team’s momentum today!

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