3 Tips to Building a Healthy Team Culture

Published: July 24, 2018

As the old saying goes, “there is truly no ‘I’ in ‘Team’”. A team is built of many hands that come together to achieve a large goal that could not be achieved by a single person. Bringing together a group of individuals with different skill sets and providing an environment and culture that promotes success is the key to any successful business. Here are three tips on creating a healthy and thriving team culture:

Open Communication

To achieve success, a leader must create an environment where effective and open communication is encouraged. This communication must be exercised between all team members. Furthermore, this communication will benefit the business in the following ways:

  • Create transparency between teams and team members
  • Drive opportunities for team member collaboration
  • Allow for team members to form strong relationships among each other

Providing Vision

Team members look to their leader for guidance. It is important that a leader provide a clear vision of the business’s goals. When a team knows what they are working towards and how it will benefit the business, they will work harder. They will spend their time, energy, and efforts to achieve the end goal. It is important that this vision is continuously shared with the team. Make it a point to share this at weekly team meetings or display it somewhere in the office.

Empowering Your Team

For a team, empowerment starts at the top. It is important that a business provide an environment and the necessary resources for teams to make decisions, solve problems, and execute business.  Furthermore, this will allow your teams to evolve and perhaps take on their own leadership roles. As stated in a Pepperdine University research study, creating empowerment within a team promotes powerful culture, and even profitability and wealth.

Are you implementing these tips into your team right now? If not, make it a point THIS WEEK to begin introducing communication, vision, and empowerment throughout your business.


Coach’s Tip


“At Metrix we teach what I like to refer to as a ‘culture of productivity’.  There is no question that the three tips noted above – open communication and transparency, creating a vision, and team empowerment – are incredibly important and should never be overlooked.  But specific to your real estate sales team, we believe that in order for a sales team culture to thrive, the team must be financially successful! And the only way the team succeeds is if the sum of its parts, namely it’s agents, are winning as individuals.  Now, what constitutes “winning”? Meeting or exceeding standards and goals. If this is the case, then it is the responsibility of the team’s leader to: create the goals and standards, firmly hold to the achievement of these metrics, provide the coaching and accountability to drive the team to success, and create net earnings for the team’s agents.  I’d describe this as a very productive culture! “ – Brian Gubernick

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