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Growing Your Business



When your business is growing, it is typical for you to be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is when it is important to master leverage. Brett Tanner teaches that the first goal to mastering leverage is to master personal productivity, and put the tools in place to help you do so. As the rainmaker in your organization, you should be only focused on things that generate revenue. Brett gives examples of different tools that you can implement to help you narrow your focus – personal assistant, lead manager, operations manager, and more. In order to do massive numbers in business, you must get good at hiring and managing more people — you can only do so much in business without them.



The Importance of Masterminds


There is a big difference between ‘Mastermind-ing’ and ‘coaching’. Jason Abrams believes that being a part of a Mastermind is one of the most powerful tools available when looking to grow business. The best way for a Mastermind to work is to be a part of a group of people who know more than you do, or have more knowledge about topics that you are interested in. Be purposeful about who you mastermind with! Jason gives tips on how to be a part of, and build, a powerful mastermind.



The Difference Between Coaching & Training



As a real estate team owner, it is important to know the difference between coaching and training. Jason Abrams breaks down the difference and explains why they are both equally vital to success. He shares that training comes before coaching, is skill based, is measured in metrics, is documented, and constantly revisited. Whereas coaching focuses on accountability, professional and personal support and self-discovery. Coaching and training applies to every aspect of your life – master the difference between these two and go implement them into your business and life!



Your First Year in the Business



Brian Gubernick gives advice for your first year in the real estate business. He believes that to set yourself up for success in your first year you have to go all in and outwork your peers, forget instant gratification, master lead generation, build a massive pipeline, and give yourself time.



Scaling Your Business



As a business owner, it is likely that your goal is to ‘not have a job’, but have a business that works without you. Brett Tanner dives into tracking the success of your business. He shares three key numbers that every business owner should be talking about: the past (review P&L), the present (review your scorecard), the future (review your CRM). Your business growth will be a function of your ability to make a profit, and understand that profit is made from managing expenses on the revenue you already have.



Getting Over Call Avoidance



It is totally normal to have anxiety about getting on the phone — you’re not alone! It is impossible to have success in the real estate industry without making phone calls. Jason Abrams shares some strategies to overcome this anxiety. He suggests creating an alter-ego when making the calls, changing your environment, get comfortable with the scripts, have organic conversations on the phone, make calls in front of the mirror, or get together with others and challenge each other to get through your daily number of calls.



Monetizing Your Leads



“Your net income is a direct result of the number of ways that you can monetize a lead” – Brett Tanner. Brett explains the deal hierarchy, where to put your focus first, and why you should change your mindset from addition to multiplication. Brett then dives into the importance of having lanes of revenue – what lanes of revenue can you add to your business right away? As a rainmaker, look at where you are spending a lot of your money, and then figure out how you can become profitable. Brett shares how he has created his current lanes of revenue to create wealth.



Expanding Your Network



In business, network is everything! Jason Abrams breaks down what your network is and how to increase it! He breaks it down as: past clients, sphere of influence, and professional. The key to having a successful network is consistently staying connected to them. Business to business networks are very important and you must put yourself in a position to create those relationships.¬†Jason shares examples of how to stay connected to the various individuals in your network – for example golf outings or your kids’ events.



Scripts & Dialogues



One of the most important skills to creating success in residential real estate is mastering scripts and dialogues. Mastering scripts and dialogues directly impacts your lead conversion. To master scripts and dialogues, you must practice every single day. Jason shares the best ways to practice scripts including knowing how to deliver and how to talk to people. When you study the scripts and understand the words, you will be able to uncover your clients needs. As a team owner or rainmaker, compile your teams scripts and make sure the whole team is using these scripts every day.



Generating Referral Business



Brian Gubernick shares how to generate more referrals in your real estate business. Most real estate agents ask for referrals at the wrong time in the transaction. Brian teaches his team to ask for the referral at the beginning of the transaction rather than at the conclusion, and he shares this exact script here.



Lead Capture at Open Houses



Every client that walks through an open house is a potential client. Jason Abrams explains that capturing leads at open houses breaks down to whether or not you have the right script, or know the right words to say — is what you are saying driving people to take action to work with you? He shares the ‘Open House’ scripts he uses within his team. Remember: the secret to capturing people at open houses is mastering the words to say!



Top Lead Generation Actions



When growing his team, Brian Gubernick understood that he would need to go from a relational business to a transactional business. As a new real estate agent, it is vital that you create and foster relationships with people who know, love, and trust you. You must also be consistent in interacting with this sphere of influence. However, when your business grows, it may evolve into a more transactional focused business — you will need to start creating relationships with those people who do not already know, love, and trust you. When this growth occurs, Brian shares that two areas to focus on when generating transactional leads: outbound cold call prospecting and inbound leads.



Your Business Marketing Channel



Brett Tanner breaks down the four pillars of marketing: find your marketing channel, determine your audience, know the numbers, and scale the winners. Brett shares a marketing strategy that he has implemented into his business, here is how it works: ask yourself can I build a business around it and then hand it off to someone else for them to do, how leveraged is the activity, and scalability. Brett stresses the importance of tracking everything in your business — business starts and ends with math. He also shares how he uses tracking within his businesses.



Winning the Listing



Jason believes that the listing presentation is a crucial topic to cover. He gives various tips on how to win the listing presentation, including: the presentation should never be longer than 20 minutes, have documentation with you, mention specific words to build trust, reassure the client that the process will be as simplistic as possible, and more! Jason teaches you how to stand out as the best of the best when it comes to the listing presentation!



Exclusive Interview with Brett Tanner



Brett Tanner and Kent Clothier spend time together at the Find & Flip Summit talking about what it takes to be successful in business. Brett believes in investing in yourself, and starting early in life. The best investment you have it you — YOU are the tool that you have to work with, the better you make the tool (YOU), the more effective you can be as a person and entrepreneur. Brett advises finding other people who have done what you want to do, and ask them how they did it, and ask them to help you – “In college, when you look over it is called cheating, in life it is called sharing”. By doing this, you can get there faster — rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Brett and Kent also cover the importance of understanding financials when turning a hobby into a business. Without understanding your financials, you do not have a plan in how to grow and scale a business.



Multiplication, Not Addition РBrett Tanner at Scale & Escape 



Brett is obsessed with the idea of making more money on the businesses you already have. He breaks down the deal hierarchy and how you should be looking at it to create success and wealth in real estate. Brett shares his targeting and marketing plans, an various systems that he has implemented into his businesses.



Open House Strategies



The relationship with your client may begin as a virtual one, but eventually you will be interacting with that client in person. You must master your habits and scripts to have successful open houses.Jason Abrams shares his various open house strategies. He stresses that the time you host your open house is extremely important to attract a great amount of foot traffic. Jason also advises that you prepare the entire week before and he shares some tips on how to do this — from choosing the right property, to group texts, to balloons, and signs. He then shares tips for the ‘day of’ the open house: turning the TV or radio on, popping some cookies in the oven, the scripts to use, and more!